Yep, it’s this time of the year where we introduce the core power of BESCO — the members. We are privileged to have these pioneers onboard and as cheesy at it may sound — we do believe that these companies will change the world for good!

  1. Travel by electric. “Travel by electric is an innovative idea for renting electric cars for tours. This is a new brand of the rent-a-car company “Best Cars” Ltd., which has ten years of experience on the market. Our mission is to evoke the usage of electric cars when leisure traveling, and not only in urban conditions. With a series of campaigns, such as “Tour the 100 National Sites with Travel by Electric” and “Visit the sites on the UNESCO list”, we aim to awaken the interest of all lovers of “The green idea”. And this is only the beginning. In this direction, we are also developing routes around wine tourism, a tour around the monasteries, ski vacations and many more. Routes can be prepared individually, depending on where the customer wants to go.” These guys are just starting but we are all looking forward to tour around in an eco friendly electromobile.Check them out!

2. Qualifast. — “We build technology solutionsfor startups and enterprises. Having many things already implemented reduces time to develop. Taking ownership of both frontend and backend enables cross-component optimization. About 40% of the components will be already production-tested in other projects. Focus on reusability reinforces modularity and decoupling. Doing projects with Qualifast is simply cheaper ” If you are looking for a technology partner — these guys are definitely one of the best options on the Bulgarian market!

3. Shushon — “Inspired by elders…The story begins long ago, before the rise of a lot of empires, when the handicraft was the biggest treasure. The Bulgarian word “shushon” means a traditional hand-knitted woolen sock. The craftsmen used sheep wool, gently processed and dyed in shiny colours. The motley und comfort handcrafted socks were irreplaceable for centuries. Unfortunately, nowadays they are forgotten due to the industrial revolution in last few decades. …Made for the present. The vision of Shushon® is based on the idea to bring back the glory of the natural woolen sock, renovated and revived for the new standards of living. That is why we are specialized in creating the best woolen products.” It is very rare to have PhD co-founders doing socks. Our team at BESCO is using this masterpiece of wool sock on a daily basis (yes — even when we meet Ministers) and we vouch that these are arguably the best socks out there.

4. Develiot — “We create, in order to solve problems practically, innovatively, optimally, in the best possible way.We are efficiency-driven innovators, specializing in the development of world-class Industrial IoT products and solutions that deliver true value to customers.We empower our partners to make an impact by delivering practical, repeatable, business-proven Industrial IoT solutions to their customers.”. Industrial IoT at it’s finest!

5. CMYK INGREDIENTS — “with revolutionary LIVE ingredients raw spice flavors for cold foods obtained by mechanical pressing”. Our friends started up their superfood entity in Ukraine but are relocating the core team in Bulgaria (because Bulgaria is the place to set up your business in the EU, yeah we said it!). Go to the website and have a look!

These companies vary in size, revenue, employee base, and even geographical location but they all became proud members of BESCO because together we shape the now! If you have a startup and would like to get involved — fill out your application form here or drop us a line (

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