Greetings Earthlings! It is this time of the week where BESCO gives a massive shout out to our new members. We are so happy to introduce another 5 members that are rocking the boat in their very own domains! This time we are all about micromobility, software development, energy efficiency, education, and insurance. Here we go:

  1. “Hobo is a rental service that gives you the freedom to choose a new, fun and environmentally friendly way of transportation in the heart of your city. It saves time, it’s easy to use (with over 200 hobo spots), and it’s green – 0 CO2 emissions.” It is an electrical scooter made for Sofia (for the time being) and we are very happy to see that a local company is competing with the big guns in that industry.

2.” ESCREO is changing the way companies work. More than 2000 leading companies in sectors such as IT, finance, media, telecommunications and advertising are already transforming their workflows because of the magic paint of ESCREO. Applying ESCREO writing paints is incredibly easy and takes only a few hours. With our self-application kit, painting becomes a child’s play. You get all the tools and tools you need, as well as a comprehensive guide, completely free of charge. See how easy it is!” Forget about whiteboards, blackboards or other archaic tools you are using at your office – this is the real deal!


3. “Energomonitor is a fully automated energy monitoring system. New technologies are here. You no longer have to wait for invoices at the end of the month to find out how much energy and water you’ve used and how much you should pay for them. Energomonitor has remote control over utilities and you can save. The monitoring of electricity consumption in real time helps you save energy and money. Ultimately, this leads to ensuring a cleaner living environment. The risk of flooding is minimized. Water consumption is under control with alarms for any deviation.Real-time monitoring of microclimate parameters – temperature, humidity and CO2. Investment in health for you and your children today,  pays off in the future. Monitoring and constant control over the consumption of natural gas and the cost of heating and hot water. You no longer have to worry if you have not forgotten gas included.” Our friends from Energomonitor Bulgaria are trade representatives of the Chezch Energomonitor, helping an IoT startup to expand globally. 

4. Webrika Academy  is an academy for people who want to submerge into the world of Information Technology. However, the Webrika Academy team is of significant importance to the Bulgarian IT and startup ecosystem for the fact that these guys are based in Pleven, a city far from the tech ecosystem in Sofia. They are training people in the industries of the future in a city where there is little to none understanding of the matter. So hats down for these guys, they are true visionaries!

5. Boleron  – online insurance – fast and easy,  through a mobile app. A great team, binging the insurance business three taps away. Exceptionally innovative for the Bulgarian market so thumbs up for our friends!

Yet another 5 outstanding companies that change the paradigms of Bulgarian business. Role models, trendsetters — you name them, while they do their flair of magic and change the economy of Bulgaria for good! If you have a startup and would like to get involved — fill out your application form here or drop us a line (

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