Ta-da-daaa ta da- da da da da  (this is the James Bond Goldeneye theme song instead of an intro to this article, in case you are totally incapable of recognizing it)…and this theme song opens up this week’s 005 companies that you should so-know-about. Duh!

  1. Tinusaur – “The Tinusaur is an educational platform and set of tools that focus on programming, robotics, and electronics and applying modern learning methods in an effort to present science and technology in an interesting and entertaining way to the students. It is a mixture of software and hardware. Here it is described in 3 simple steps: (1) you assemble your hardware yourself by soldering your board; then (2) you learn how to program it using puzzle-like blocks; then (3) you learn how to write C code.” We are happy to onboard these guys as they are yet another astonishing example of a prosperous company located in Veliko Turnovo.

2. Hack.bg – “Blockchain Consulting, technical development for Initial Coin Offerings and Decentralized Applications, Public and Private Blockchain Development. We provide the best possible service using the latest and top-notch technology stack. Our consulting services are helping projects define their decentralized application or blockchain architecture, smart contracts utilization, crystallize the use-case idea they have, and advise on the token economy (tokenomy) behind their product.” Need help with Decentralized apps or other blockchain services – get in touch with the guys from Hack.bg. The will help. Granted!

3. Worddio. “Based on in-depth studies of linguists, foreign language teaching specialists and teachers themselves, the Worddio method is a symbiosis of the two most popular ways of learning new words. These are listening repeatedly to the correct pronunciation of the word by a native speaker and the use of flash cards. The challenge being to read the word in one language, then remember it in the new language. Worddio’s resulting combination of these successful practices lets you listen to a predetermined number of pairs of the same words in the student’s mother tongue, then in the new language that they wish to learn. We have tested the Worddio method with nearly 300 students and they all confirmed that memorizing new words was faster and easier.” Another educational platform that matters. Try them out if you want to increase your vocabulary in a foreign language.

4. Savov and partners. “Valentin Savov & Partners is a business law practice providing all types of business related legal and tax services to international and domestic clients. We provide full range of legal, tax and accounting (through affiliated accountants) services and court representation.”. Fancy a lawyer? You are welcome…

5. Out2Bound “On-demand sales-as-a-service agency, helping technology companies attract b2b clients and access new markets around the globe” This company has spotted a great niche – the lack of sales skills. And they are closing the niche in pace! If you are a tech company and you need a dedicated sales team – Out2bound is your choice!

These were the new proud BESCO members. Stay tuned for more! If you have a startup and would like to get involved — fill out your application form here or drop us a line (hello@besco.bg).

BESCO is a nongovernment organization that acts as a bridge between the Bulgarian government and the local startup ecosystem. Find out more at www.besco.bg