Ahoy! Welcome to what seems to be a tradition now – “5 BESCO members you should know about”. As mentioned previously – we are proud to showcase 5 BESCO members that are disrupting the fields they are operating in. Hold tight, here we go:

  1. AMPECO: “We enable Charge Point and Shared Mobility operators to efficiently launch and grow their business through software and services. AMPECO.CHARGE – a comprehensive white label software suite for charge point operators. With AMPECO.CHARGE you can launch, operate and grow your charging network. As a charge point operator you get to manage all aspects of your business including charging infrastructure management, customer and partner relationships, customer payments and billing and others. Our white-label mobile applications for Android and iOS ensure an outstanding experience for customers charging at your charging stations. AMPECO.MOVE – telematics & software platform for shared mobility operators with AMPECO.MOVE you get a complete white-label platform consisting of telematics and software that enables you to launch, operate and grow your free-floating car-sharing business. Our platform could also be used for other shared mobility applications and easily integrates with AMPECO.CHARGE for operators that would provide both shared e-mobility and EV charging services.”  To be honest, AMPECO has been one the first company to support BESCO back in the days when the organization had no credibility. So we give AMPECO a warm and official WELCOME ONBOARD!

2. Argo Ventures Digital: “We believe in a diverse range of personnel to bring creative skills, thoughts, and ideas to the table. We are a small but very energetic team of young professionals ready to give you a hand with Sitefinity solutions. CONSULTING/MENTORING – One of the strong advantages of Sitefinity CMS is the ability to achieve one and the same thing in many ways. What is sometimes challenging, however, is finding the best way as this requires high proficiency in knowing the bigger picture in your mind. We are here to help! TRAINING – We provided successful multiple trainings for clients both on-site and online. No matter if you plan to certify your development team or be able to organize your own content, we have specialized training for all cases. Drop us a line and we’ll be happy to provide an agenda and more details. With large experience and “from the kitchen” knowledge, we develop robust and high-quality Sitefinity applications. Here’s a small list of services that we provide:

  • Architecture planning
  • Code audits
  • Sitefinity CMS implementation
  • Integration with 3rd party systems
  • Automated testing
  • Upgrade Sitefinity applications

So if you really don’t like popular CMS platforms and would like to understand why Telerik’s Sitefinity is a top dog CMS, but need some help to get in the loop – Argo ventures digital is your call.

3. LImeChain: ” Blockchain & DLT Solutions. We don’t develop blockchain promises, we develop blockchain results.We specialize in DLT and Blockchain Services. From technical development of fundraising projects to full-fledged decentralized applications (dApps). We stay on the cutting edge of each service we offer. Being a part of that change is what fuels us every day. Public blockchain development – At LimeChain, we use open shared ledgers like Ethereum to publically store, validate, and certify the information your business needs – cryptocurrency balances, property or medical records, hotel reservations, and much more. Private blockchain development – Creating access-restricted blockchain networks for sensitive information projects with added efficiencies. Blockchain consulting – We combine our technical expertise in blockchain with a thorough understanding of our clients and their businesses ‘ needs to help them at every step of exploration and development of blockchain solutions. Sooo…remember that ICO idea you head but did not know how to execute it – well, the guys form LimeChain can help you now. There, you are welcome…and so they are on board!

 4. LogSentinel. “LogSentinel delivers a full suite of end-to-end information security services, ranging from system architecture through policy and risk management to technological implementation. We offer compliance consulting services that cover all company processes and procedures along with the legal, operational and technical perspective. In addition, we provide a broad range of services facilitating the decision-makers to quickly analyze large amounts of data and make the most profitable decision. TheLogSentinel team has profound knowledge in globally accepted standards such as ISO 27001, PCI DSS, GDPR, PSD2 and we will adjust your business processes so you can easily obtain the certificate that you need”. Heavily awarded company and in our vision a future unicorn – so stay tuned for the guys form Logsentinel.

5. Startup Foundation -” StartUP is the first and most active organization in Bulgaria to promote and encourage entrepreneurship. Founded in 2007, the StartUP Foundation organizes hundreds of events across Bulgaria and has helped many people to build teams and get funded.” We can simply admire the results of probably the first startup ecosystem builder in Bulgaria and to be humbled by the fact that the foundation is joining our forces!

We are happy that you are happy to get to know another 5 astonishing Bulgarian companies. If you have a startup and would like to get involved — fill out your application form here or drop us a line (hello@besco.bg).

BESCO is a nongovernment organization that acts as a bridge between the Bulgarian government and the local startup ecosystem. Find out more at www.besco.bg