That’s right we have another 5 companies that you should know about. All part of BESCO, all outstanding in their own excellency. Voila:






  1. Ancestral Superfoods “Ancestral Superfoods develops sprouted and fermented functional foods that are rich in easily digestible nutrients. This way, they support the immune system and metabolism as part of a balanced and healthy diet. All of our products are organic certified, vegan, raw, alkaline, 100% plant-based, with probiotics and made from carefully selected cereals that are naturally gluten-free. Suitable for vegans, vegetarians, active athletes and anyone who wants to add a dose of health to their daily routine.” The future of food made today.

2. Reinno Bulgaria – “REINNO is a financial technology company offering a new solution for real estate tokenization, lending and earning interest with a focus on providing liquidity. REINNO is providing four services, which are complementary to each other – real estate tokenization, loans against property-backed tokens, interest-earning accounts, and a platform with secondary market capabilities for listing tokenized real estate. We are covering the technical, corporate, legal and marketing aspects of these services in order to provide maximum flexibility and efficiency for our users.” A great use case of the blockchain technology – check these guys out.

3. Rakuten Viber. Their Bulgarian office. “Free and secure calls and messages to anyone, anywhere.” Not much need of an intro needed here. Open your phone and check out the purple Viber icon. An honor to have them onboard!

4. Irchitect. “A design studio that specializes in interior design. Our mission is to democratize interior design and make the world better for more people.” Sooner or later we all need good architects in out lives. You can use the services of these guys! Qua-li-ty!

5. Recheck. “ReCheck brings you simple, safe and user-friendly access to the blockchain. It is your interface to the technology that provides a trustworthy environment for secure business and consumer interactions. Now you can store and manage the items that matter to you on the blockchain. Your transactions are recorded on a network of thousands of computers. This is done using the highest level of encryption and protection” Recheck have been an integral part of BESCO since day 1. We bow deeply and give you another astonishing use case of the blockchain technology,

These companies are not only creative and true problem solvers but the teams that stay behind the curtains are people with proven ethical conduct – role models of individuals changing the economic model of Bulgaria. Welcome on board guys!