We are a non-government organization that acts as a bridge between startups, private and institutional investors, the government and other stakeholders in the innovation industry. We believe that Bulgaria is the best place in Europe to create and grow a startup. At the moment we have more than 400 members – all people and organizations from the business community, and we work on over two hundred legal and administrative changes. Our vision is to position Bulgaria as the Startup Incubator of the European Union. Our mission is to create a solid legislative foundation so that startups can thrive. Our goals are directly related to establish a bridge between the entrepreneurial ecosystem and the government. As an organisation we have a very strong ethical code outlined in our “Startup Bushido” which we follow thoroughly and expect every member to comply with it. 

Job Brief

We are looking for an enthusiastic Communication & Operations trainee to help us with our external and internal communications, daily operations and activities and to contribute for the efficient work of the association. 

You will gain experience with the professional business language, how the business environment behaves and be aware of the opportunities for economic growth of our country. Getting to know companies of a high innovation profile alongside an in depth understanding of the legislative infrastructure comes as a benefit. This job is for people who believe that Bulgaria can be a better place and are ready to do something about it. Moreover, meеting high net worth individuals and politicians of high significance (as part of BESCO’s objective line) will allow to expand one’s personal network. Duration of Internship – 6 months. 


  • Inbound communications and process management.
  • Outbound communications and facilitation of organizational excellency. 
  • Copywriting and creative idea generation. 
  • Social Media mechanics and content distribution. 
  • Event management operation.
  • Process databases.
  • Handle documentation.
  • Give smart ideas.
  • Be around when needed. 



  • Fluent English and Bulgarian with strong grammatical understanding of both languages.  
  • Good communication and presentational skills.
  • Working knowledge of MS Office, Google Drive, Trello (optional). 
  • Preferably previous experience in Canva or other visual software (Photoshop / Illustrator). 
  • Good organizational and planning abilities.
  • Willingness to learn.
  • Ideally experience in digital marketing. 
  • Ideally experience in copywriting and/or journalism activity. 
  • Readiness for hard work.
  • Be present in Sofia (most of the time)
  • Proactive soul.

/The internship starts on 1.11.2019 and lasts for 6 months/


If you think this internship is right for you send us your CV to hello@besco.bg