BESCO – The Bulgarian Startup Association

For Entrepreneurs By Entrepreneurs.
A non-governmental organization that acts as a bridge between startups, private and institutional investors, the government and other stakeholders in the innovation industry.
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Bulgaria is the best place in the Europe to create and grow a startup.

Here is why:

What we do

Our role is to unite you all: the community, the people who matter, the movers of the ecosystem – whether you are startups, incubators, funds, co-working spaces, or even newbies, wanting to build a business.

Coming from abroad? We’ll help you meet everyone so you quickly feel at home in Bulgaria.

We are not the typical industrial association. We run and work in startups so we know what you need and we speak the same language.

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Our Values

These are not only words for us!


BESCO is self-sustainable! We are supported by entrepreneurs and are fully independent. And, yes, we work WITH the government – NOT for the government!


BESCO unites people with the desire to work for common interests and create value for the community. – Sorry, folks, no personal interests here!

Transparency & Openness

BESCO strives to be open and to publicly share information – with both internal and external parties – regarding finances, decision making, operation, goals, and strategy.


“We let results do the talking”


We strive to be honest and trustworthy, to stay true to our values, and to have strong moral principles. And we do it.

How to Join?

You don’t have to be a member to get support from us.

– Have an issue? A question? Need help? Ping us and we’ll do the rest.

And we are always open for new members.

We need a critical mass to change laws and to approach institutions… membership is free – a few clicks away!

Ping us here to tell you more about it – You know – United, we stand strong.

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