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Art.1. (1) “BULGARIAN ENTREPRENEURS AND STARTUP COMMUNITY", is a public benefit association, registered in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria in the Commercial Register and in the Register of Non-Profit Legal Entities at the Registry Agency, with UIC 177239971, having its seat and registered address in Sofia city at, PO 1407, 47A Cherni Vrah Blvd., 5th floor, apt. Puzl Coworking, email: [email protected], owner of the Website (“Association”/“Besco”).

(2) These Terms govern the relationship between Besco and the Users of the Website arising in connection with the activities carried out by the Association, namely connecting startups, investors, governments, institutions and other stakeholders related to innovation ("Activity"). The Activity is carried out in order to achieve the goals pursued by the Association, namely:

  • Improving the startup ecosystem and the business environment in Bulgaria;
  • Assistance in developing more effective government policies in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation;
  • Official representation of the Bulgarian startup community to state institutions
  • To assist Bulgaria in becoming Europe’s startup incubator;
  • To assist with building the economy of Bulgaria and the region on R&D, science and innovations;
  • To assist significant part of the companies in Bulgaria to be directed and focused on industries with high added value.
  • To assist significant part of the companies to be focused on the industries of the future.

Art.2. (1) By using the Website, the User declares that he/she is:

  • is 18 (eighteen) years of age;
  • uses his/her real name and the real name of his organization, and that he/she provides accurate and reliable information;
  • will not publish on the Website materials that are illegal, offensive, threatening, obscene, contrary to morals and the like;
  • will not publish materials, including images, audio-visual works and/or documents, violating the Copyright and Related Rights Act, the applicable legislation in the field of personal data protection of individuals, incl. the Personal Data Protection Act, the General Data Protection Regulation, the Trademarks and Geographical Indications Act, the Protection Against Discrimination Act and other applicable legislation, and that he/she will not infringe the rights of third parties and that if such claims arise, he/she will satisfy them fully and at his/her own expense;
  • has read and fully agrees with these Terms, agrees to abide by them in good faith and is responsible for any violations or non-compliance of the Terms.


Art.3. (1) Every User, in compliance with the statutory requirements and the terms of the Statute of the Association (“Statute”) can become a member of Besco. Membership in the Association is full-fledged or associated.

(2) Members of the Association can be local and foreign legal entities, which have interest in supporting, and contributing to the Association’s objectives, and which have accepted the Statute, the Honour Code, Besco’s other internal acts, and regularly pay their membership fees and observe the decision of the Association’s authorities.

(3) Associated members can be Bulgarian or foreign natural persons, who have proven their qualities in the spheres of entrepreneurship, science or other, or have special merits in the development of the Association and the Bulgarian business.

Art. 4. The User, who represents a natural person or a legal entity and complies with the requirements for a full-fledged member, resp. the User complying with the requirements for an associated member, may declare his intentions of becoming a full-fledged and resp. associated member of Besco by:

  • filling out the electronic membership application, per the Statute and in accordance with the Terms.

Art.5. (1) The applicant for full-fledged membership pursuant to Art. 4, s. 2 of the Terms shall fill out the electronic registration form (“Application”), link to which can be found in the “Become a member” tab of the Website. 

(2) The User accesses the Application choosing a plan by clicking the relevant button and then logging in to a social media account in LinkedIn, or on the website profile.

(3) When filling in the Application, it is mandatory for the User to provide the following information regarding the respective legal entity:

  • name resp. company, UIC and headquarters;
  • name, surname of the legal representative,
  • the legal representative’s phone number ;
  • date of incorporation;
  • website of the legal entity;
  • information about the activities performed;
  • amount of income in the previous calendar year;
  • means of financing.

(4) Upon uploading a logo of the respective legal entity, the User gives permission for it to be published in section “Who we are”.

(5) The applicant for membership declares acceptance of Besco’s Statute and other internal acts, its goals and means for their accomplishment, the Honour Code, and declares that there are no obstacles (barriers) to a membership in Besco.

(6) The applicant - legal entity submits other necessary documents if it is provided for in his/her Company contract, Statue or other document of the corresponding legal entity pursuant to the applicable law

Art.6. As a result of a duly completed registration, the User creates a profile of the applicable legal entity in the website, access to which is carried out pursuant to Art. 5, s.2. of the Terms.

Art.7. (1) The applicant for a membership shall pay an annual membership fee, the so-called "subscription", which amount is determined as follows:

  • 300 BGN - Startup - Number of employees: 0-20; Revenue (BGN): 0-500K; Raised investment: 0-1M
  • Scaleup - Number of employees: 20-40; Revenue (BGN): 500K-3M; Raised investment: 1M-5M
  • Big Players "A" - Number of employees: 40+; Revenue (BGN): 3M+; Raised investment: 5M+

(2) Payment of amounts per the section above is conducted via – the electronic payment system with banking cards and micro accounts.

Art.8. (1) Membership applicants are accepted as members of the Association upon filling the application form and paying the membership fee.

(2) Suspension of the subscription will result in the loss of the privileges and additional options it gives you. "Suspension" includes unsubscription, non-payment or blocking of your account.


Art. 9. The full-fledged members of the Association have the following rights, as described in detail in the Statute, including:

  • to participate in decision-making with the right to vote in the General Assembly;
  • to receive information and to participate in the discussion and evaluation of the activity of the Association;
  • to make proposals for changes in the composition of the authorities of the Association;
  • to participate in events organized by the Association in accordance with its capabilities and qualifications;
  • to benefit from the results of the Association’s activities only in accordance with the provisions of the Statute;
  • to use the property of the Association only if it is related to the exercise of activities and functions in its governing authorities or those mandated by a decision of the such authorities;
  • to leave the Association on their own initiative.

Art. 10. Every full-fledged member of the Association is obliged to comply with the obligations contained in the Statute, namely:

  • to comply with the Statute and the decisions of the governing authorities of the Association;
  • to participate in Besco’s activity and to work towards realization of its goals;
  • to build up the authority of the Association and not to do actions or inactions which contradict its purposes and discredit it;
  • not to use the membership in the Association in any way for achieving objectives contrary to this Statute, the Honour Code (Startup Bushido) and the objectives of the Association;
  • to take initiative and stay informed about of the activities of the Association;
  • to leave his/her contact details and in case of change, to notify the relevant authorities of the Association in a timely manner;
  • to pay his/her membership fee in the amounts and in the period specified by the Management Board of the Association or similar.

Art.11. Associated members have the rights:

  • to participate in the General Assembly with the right to advisory vote;
  • to get informed regarding the activities of the Association and to participate in the sessions of the Management and Supervisory Board, when invited by the abovementioned authorities;
  • to participate in the activities and to benefit from the results of the activities of the Association.


Art. 12. (1). The membership is terminated via:

  • a one-sided written statement of intent addressed to the Management Board of the Association, provided that the membership is considered cancelled from the day of submission of the leave request;
  • termination of the legal entity – member of the Association;
  • exclusion;
  • with the closure of the Association;

(2) A member of the Association may be excluded where he/she:

  • violates the obligations envisaged in the Statute;
  • grossly violates or systematically violates the Statute;
  • undermines the authority of the Association;
  • performs other actions incompatible with his/her membership in the Association;
  • violates the Honour Code (Startup Bushido) of the Association;
  • failure to pay membership fees.

(3) The member whose membership is terminated has not right to claim part of the property of the Association or the return of its members fee.

(4) The Association keeps the right to refuse membership to any natural person, legal entity and/or associated member at its sole discretion.


Art.13. These Terms may be amended or supplemented by Besco. The amended or newly adopted Terms are published on the Website and come into force with immediate effect, unless specified otherwise. 

Art.14. The provisions of the acting legislation of Republic of Bulgaria shall be applied for any unsettled matters.

Art.15. If a clause of these Terms is held to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable, the remaining clauses will not be affected in any way.

Art.16. All disputes arising from or in connection with the use of the Website shall be resolved by the parties through negotiations, and in case where an agreement is impossible to be achieved - by the competent Bulgarian courts.

Art.17. The Terms are valid and in effect as of 01.01.2021.

These Terms are drafted in two identical copies, in Bulgarian and English, and if there is a difference between the Bulgarian and English text, the Bulgarian text will prevail.