Become a member


300 BGN

  • 0 – 500K revenue
  • 0 - 20 employees
  • 0 – 1M investment

600 BGN

  • 500K - 3М revenue
  • 20 - 40 employees
  • 1M - 5М investment
The Big "A" Players

1,500 BGN

  • 3М+ revenue
  • 40+ employees
  • 5М+ investment

What do you get?



  • Opportunity to vote during the General Assembly
  • Direct democracy - you can express your opinion in real time
  • A channel through which you can alert BESCO in real time
  • Access to the BESCO agenda in real time and the opportunity to join our meetings
  • Opportunity to support innovative and progressive legislation that aims to improve Bulgaria's economy
  • Opportunity to participate in BESCO’s working groups when we defend new laws before the institutions
Facilitated promotion_icon

Facilitated promotion

  • Marketplace - A members only space for services and products with a discount or other added value
  • Additional health insurance
  • Access to numerous discounts and added value services, including: lawyers, consultations with accountants with experience in non-traditional cases, media contacts, contacts with PR and marketing agencies, references to funds and angel investors, ad hoc services and offers from partner organizations
  • Peer-to-peer groups in which company founders share their problems with other founders
  • One timer - 30 minutes to present your deck to us and get some tips for investment
Communication channels_icon

Communication channels

  • Members only space
  • Your logo on our website
  • Newsletter - learn about various activities and opportunities first


  • BESCO Business Breakfast - a networking event
  • Meetings to discuss startup and entrepreneurship laws
  • Central and East European Startup Awards
  • Discounts and free tickets for big events